When best man speeches go horribly wrong…

# 5 The ‘I’ll wing it’ one

You know this one’s going to be bad when he open’s the best man speech with ‘Shit, bugger!’ This calamitous speech goes from bad to worse when he starts heckling the bride and seeks rescue from the audience. A classic example of a gent who obviously thought he’d wing it. So bad its funny!

Starts with ‘Shit, Bugger’
I’ve been told to thank some people, so here we go – ‘thanks’
Heckling the bride
Drunken refereces

#4 The ‘rambling’ one

You know you’re in trouble when a guest not looks to
Gets interrupted and asks to be respectful
Reading from a script
Shockingly bad delivery
Awful toast

#3 The awkward one

This poor bloke is obviously not a public speaker! The tumbleweeds start blowing from pretty much the first gag and the silence becomes deafening by end of the speech. Weighing in at 111 seconds this will have been the longest two minutes of his life, or anyone elses judging by the audience reaction.

#4 The drunken one

Me thinks Eric has perhaps had a little too much to drink. His best man speech starts with what seems a fairly promising introduction but quickly descends in to drunken ramblings. So swift is the decline that the groom himself calls time after only two minutes by asking for the music to be turned on! Eric, welcome to YouTube stardom!

#5 The totally-off-limits one

At number one, and by some distance it must be said, is this entry. When the groom asks his guests to ‘buckle up’ at the start he couldn’t have been more right! Epic is a fairly over used word these days but is probably applicable in this instance. Think of all the things that you would probably consider off limits for a best man speech and its in here! Masturation? Check. Blow jobs? Check. Anal sex? Chhheeccck! Yep, our man even asks for hush half way through as the slow ripple of disbelief turns in to hushed discussions of ‘did he just say that?!’ As reality starts to bite, his written copy – did he pre-write this stuff?! – gets forceably removed by a middle aged woman who had just about enough! Was it the comment about the spread butt-cheeks?! Press play and watch the action unfold…you’re about to watch the worst best mans speech of all time!


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