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How to Write a Best Man Speech for Your Brother

So here’s the thing about writing a best man speech for your brother - you will be able to give an insight into the character of the groom that dates right back to childhood. Even best men who have been mates with the groom since they went to primary school won’t have...

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Best Man Speech Examples for Your Brother

So you've read our blog on how to write a best man speech for your brother?  You've come to the right place for more inspiration.  Here, you will find real-life examples of best man speeches written by one brother to another, including those written for older...

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Short Best Man Speech Examples

Don't worry - this blog isn't for short best men!  It's for those that want to deliver a short best man speech. Not everyone wants to drone on for hours regaling stories of when the groom was a wee lad. No, sometimes, its better to keep it short, sharp and to the...

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Best Man One Liners

One of the things all best men struggle with is content. It’s all very well knowing that you have to crack of a bunch of best man one liners to open the show but for those of us not blessed with the comedic talents of the professionals its not easy. SpeechMate...

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How to give a best man speech

How to give a best man speech is something many a man has to contend with at some point in his life. And isn't a daunting prospect? You’ll often hear it said that some people are ‘naturals’. It’s true to say that some people have a more natural orientation towards...

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The Five Worst Best Man Speeches Of All Time

When best man speeches go horribly wrong... # 5 The ‘I’ll wing it’ one You know this one’s going to be bad when he open’s the best man speech with ‘Shit, bugger!’ This calamitous speech goes from bad to worse when he starts heckling the...

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How To Write A Best Man Speech In Under An Hour

“Hi, my name’s Martin. I need a best man speech written by Monday…help!!!” This is a fairly common example of an email I receive as a professional speechwriter and does a lot to reinforce the stereotype that us guys are well, perhaps not as always organised as we...

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13 Real Life Wedding Speech Disasters

It's long be said that truth is stranger than fiction and never has then been more real than in the case of wedding speeches. Year after year, clangers continue to be dropped and sadly, weddings are recalled long after the event not for the celebration of love but for...

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10 Jaw Droppingly Inappropriate Wedding Toasts

The wedding toast. The final words of all the speeches and an opportunity to impart a few words of wisdom right? Not for these best men who gambled on an alternative option and lost in spectacular fashion. Here are real wedding toasts that crashed and burnt. Ladies...

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